A downloadable Exploration Game for Windows

WIS is an first person exploration game set in a post apocalyptic world. Dive into the shoes of a trash cleaning robot and find out what happened to everyone on the island!

Please note : I made this for #UE4Jam in 7 days :) So it didn't quite meet my expectations though. But I hope you guys will have a good time playing it

Install instructions

Steps :

1) Download the Rar files fromthe link

2) Extract it

3) Play!


Player :

Forward/Backward : W/S

Right/Left : A/D

Torch : L

Dart : Left mouse Button ( To sedate the attacking wolves)

Interact : E

Sprint : Shift

Jump : Space Bar

Journal : Tab

Collect the trash from the city and clear them. On clearing the trash WIS 379 adds his remarks to his journal open the journal using TAB and decode his language to understand more about the place. 


WIS-379 [Size 1.5 GB]


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I played it. I think it definitely has potential and graphics are gorgeous, AAA kind. After playing it, I was curious enough to download Midst of Lost and Temporary Space.

The three of them shows your environmental artist skills and the cleaver use of assets (specially Epic's free assets). I think you guys should team up with a great Game Designer and a Programmer to fill the gaps that your gorgeous games have.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! It really made my day :)