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About the game

Explore the abandoned ruins of a once prestigious railway station and find out how it became abandoned.  In the game the player takes the role of a spirit and progress in the perspective of a spirit who has no memories  and explore how he lived and died. The game's unique new looping concept adds a bit challenge to the players. Look for clues to find which objects needs to be interacted with to progress further and observe the tiny changes in the environment to beat the game.

This game was developed for ue4 jam in 7 days. Hope you all like it :) Do give suggestion so we can include in the future updates if possible. Its our first game as a team. 

FeedBack : Houseatthend@gmail.com

Basic Controls :

Forward\Backward\Left\Right : W\S\A\D

Game Mechanics : Left mouse button for focusing points of interest

Press P to pause game

Install instructions

unzip and install

Movement Keys :WASD

Game Mechanics : Left Mouse Button (focus)


CosineInteractive_TemporarySpace.rar 307 MB


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Interesting theme, visuals looks fresh and good, giving it a try now. Kudos to the good work guys.

Thanks man :)