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Retrieval is a short first person interactive 3D platformer. The game is made as an attempt to go through the mind of a psychopath and bringing him down to earth using a newly found drug. The player plays as the drug altering his memories to form illusions of the trauma.

This game is made for the Unreal Epic mega jam 2019. I would like to thank my two friends for helping me with the music and dialogues :

1) Kalidas : His sound cloud

2)Basha : His stories

Instructions :

W/A/S/D - Movement

Left Shift - Dash

Spacebar - Jump

Interaction - Leftmouse button / E

Platform creation for launching : E ( press E and jump on the created platform to launch yourself higher )

Does not have save game !

Side Note : This is an early concept for a game to be expanded further.  Hope that some day if conditions are favorable I will be able to gather my boys to make this a full game XD

Install instructions

Install Instructions :

1) Download the Executable from Google drive

2) Extract and play :)


Retrieval [1.1 GB]


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I had a rough idea what the story was, but the game just needs to be fleshed out a bit more. Though, storywise, you had something going for it.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thank you so much for playing the game! It means a lot and yes I am hoping to improve upon this game soon this was made in 7 days for the game jam. Hopefully I will make it better! Thanks again!

Cool looking game. While i didn't quite understand the story it was fun to play.

Hey there! thanks for playing my game and it's really cool that you enjoyed the game. Thanks a lot! :)