A downloadable Story game for Windows

Mysterious creatures appeared and began their attack on the city, not so long after these encounters, a war broke out and they one! The game explores the story from the perspective of such a victim trying to avenge his loved ones .

Controls :

Forward/Backward/Left/Right : W/S/A/D

Jump : Space Bar

Lctrl : Crouch

Lshift : Run

Fire : Left Mouse Button

Aim : Right Mouse Button

Scroll up/down : Change Weapon

Gift - E(as person)/ Left Mouse button(In Vehicle Mode)

Hope you like it :)

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Install instructions

Installation :

Download Each File

Right Click and Extract the game

Go to Midst of Lost Folder

Navigate to HomeFront executable( It was the game's first Name when the project was created but since there was another game with that name it was changed to Midst of Lost )

Open it


Midst of Lost[Google Drive Link][Size : 2.68GB]


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To anyone who wants to know the review of the game. Here is an article Scoffin Games Review on what to expect in the game. Do consider reading it before downloading if you go for reviews before downloading  :)